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Monday, 02 March 2015 11:46

Great participation and interesting suggestions in the National Conference on Meat and Products of Meat

With the participation of more than 300 scientists, researchers, students and entrepreneurs and freelancers was successfully weekend Panhellenic Scientific Conference under the title: The Meat and Products of "From stable to table", from 27 February to 1 March in Synedrikao Center I. Vellidis, under Detrop...

The conference organized by the European A CERT Certification Agency, the European Institute for Sustainable Development, the MeatNews magazine and TIF HELEXPO, greeted the Minister of Rural Development Panagiotis Sgouridis while participating speakers from Russia. Carried even special discussion on the certification requirements for exports to the Russian market, the Netherlands and France.


The work presented exceeded 120, divided into 18 thematic sections and round tables. Considerable weight was given to the primary production of 27 works which have negotiated feed safety, welfare and public health, livestock and quality, while held and two round tables on the management of primary production, and the growth prospects of the weakest link called meat.

The survey upon new technologies and cutting-edge technologies focused on 23 presentations, many of them with very interesting experimental findings.

The hygiene, safety and quality in the diet occupied another 19 jobs. Great discussion was around the legal framework and official controls 11 interesting presentations from all control bodies - FSA, ELGO, veterinary services, while there was a timely debate on controls in butchery.

Special section created by the veterinary authorities of the armed forces, while there was also a very timely debate for Mechanically Separated Meat.

Characteristic of this year's conference the active participation of scientists from the most diverse institutions of the country, which produced original research conducted and experimental applications. The Court's work was a good opportunity to present these activities and exchanged views between scientists of different objects, thus contributing to the diffusion of knowledge and the development of synergies, which could be a brilliant prospect for dozens of young scientists and, why not implementing innovative actions in the productive activity of the country, which is in great depression.