Descent and Evolution of Organic Farming


During the 20th century, there were three think tanks for agricultural production:

  • Rudolf Steiner’s Biodynamic Farming Theory that made its appearance in Germany
  • Sir Albert Howard’s Theory on Organic Farming in UK
  • Organic Farming Theory by Hans Rusch & H. Muller that was developed in Switzerland

By 1970, there were some farmer’s, consumers’ and ecologically aware people’s associations developing, but it was not until the 80’s that organic farming started blossoming, due to the fact that the Market has shown strong interest for products produced under ecologically friendly methods. In the meantime, interest for organic products has been growing worldwide (Australia, Canada, etc).

At National level by the mid 80’s, there were some efforts for the development of the Organic Farming Movement, incorporating this method of production in scientific field studies, while the first regulatory amendments were enacted by the competent authorities.

Perhaps  the most significant milestone in the history of the Organic Farming Movement was the founding of IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, in 1972. Ever since, IFOAM supports, at global level, all efforts related to health, ecology, fair trade, etc.
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