Complaint Handling Procedure

Complaint Receiving and Recording: Complaints shall be received by telephone, letter or by e-mail or even in person. When complaints are lodged by the Agency's client or a third party complaints for A CERT S.A. operators, the Control Body completes the Complaints Sheet describing the problem. Where feasible, the Agency shall acknowledge the complainant for the received complaint. When the complaint concerns a certified operator, the Control Body takes this into account for assessing the effectiveness of the operator's system. In this case, the operator is notified of the complaint at the appropriate time.

Investigation: The relevant department of the Control Body, in cooperation with the departments involved, analyses the extent to which the services offered by the organization do not meet the customer's quality requirements. Furthermore, investigates the complaint in order to determine the reliability of the complaint and to validate the information shared in the complaint. The same procedure applies to complaints concerning an operator controlled by A CERT S.A.

Response Actions: The Quality Manager is responsible for monitoring the completion of the investigation, the required corrective actions as well as the completeness and effectiveness of the concerned corrective actions. Where feasible, the Control Body shall inform the contact person (complainant) about the progress of the investigation.

You can download the Complaint Form.

MKS-D2.1_Complaint form

You can send your complaint to the email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or at Tilou 2, 54638 Thessaloniki, Greece.

Important note: A CERT S.A. handles the receipt, assessment and decision-making of the complaints concerning the Control Body (CB) or the CB’s controlled operators under the confidentiality framework for both the complainant and the subject concerned. A CERT S.A., the complainant and the CB’s concerned operator determine the degree of disclosure and the resolution of the complaint.