Declaration of Impartiality

Declaration of Impartiality and Objectivity of A CERT European Organization for Certification S.A.

The Certification Body A CERT SA states unequivocally that its operation focus on impartial, independent and objective certification.

The Control Body's affiliates operations,

  • Do not bind the Control Body in any way and do not in any way affect its objectivity, impartiality and rationality, and therefore the accuracy and validity of the results of the certification process and
  • Do not make the certification process of the Control Body simpler, easier or cheaper in any way and for no reason.

Certification Body A CERT A.E. and its affiliates do not provide any kind of general or specialized consulting services individually or in combination with other services or other services of the formats that it certifies nor is it involved in the procurement, planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of management systems, services and products of the forms certifying any kind of natural or legal person.