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Tuesday, 03 March 2015 12:33

Address of Greek Ministry of Agriculture to Rosselkhoznadzor

In a letter addressed by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Greece to Sergey Dankvert, Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, it is in particular stated that due to the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Russia and due to economic countermeasures taken by Russia the bilateral trade with food products between Greece and Russia has drastically decreased.

In view of centuries-long close ties between our countries and striving for strengthening of cooperation in the area of agricultural production, fisheries, processing as well as in the area of food production control and surveillance according to “from farm to fork” principle the Greek Ministry of Agriculture supposes it practical to propel the bilateral cooperation between the two competent authorities to a new level.
In this respect it is proposed to organize technical consultations between the two authorities on the issues of veterinary and phytosanitary control for the purpose of interaction system establishment which would provide for complete and strict compliance of regulated products imported from Greece into the Russia with standards and requirements of the RF and Eurasian Economic Community. Such system would allow for complete recovery of Greek food supplies onto the Russian market straight after lifting of restrictions by Russia.
In view of the fact that not all food products are included in the list of commodities restricted for importation into Russia due to economic countermeasures, the Greek party applied with a request to be provided with a list of such products.
Due to strategic focus of the agricultural sector of the Greek economy on the production oriented on the Russian market Panagiotis Sgouridis asked Sergey Dankvert to inform the Russian Government about the request to examine the possibility of lifting the ban against a limited line of products from Greece into Russia including peaches, strawberries, kiwi, oranges and fishery products.
Source: Rosselkhoznadzor