Derogation Application


Derogation Application

According to article 6 of EEC Regulation 2092/91, seed used in organic farming shall be obtained with organic production method. Taking into account the lack of availability of organic seeds for most of the plant species and the EC Regulation 1452/2003, farmers may apply for derogation for the use of conventional seed. This procedure shall also apply for potato seed.

All available organic seed is registered at the official website of the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food:

In order to receive a derogation license for the use of conventional seed, you should fill in and send to the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the Derogation Application Form, which you may download if you click here (.word).

The Derogation Application Form shall be submitted before sowing, while the license is issued only for a single operator and for the given crop season. The submission of the Application may be done by regular mail at the following address:
Ministry of Rural Development and Food
Direction of Organic Farming
2 Acharnon str., 10176

*According to a clarification issued by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food/Direction of Organic Farming, the Derogation Application Form, for the use of seed not obtained with organic production method, shall be obligatory for the farm parcels being already at a fully organic state, given the fact that there is no available organic seed.

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