Quality Policy

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Having values, we offer strictly professional services and through the recognition and reputation of the A CERT, our associated companies and structures and strategic collaborators, we add value to the products, services, institutes and organizations giving them a competitive advantage and making them capable of achieving a dominant position in national and international level.

Stefanos T. Billas
President, A CERT

Quality Policy

a-Cert S.A. commits itself to provide and maintain its services with discern, impartiality, morality, professionalism and most of all, always focused on law abiding and other extrapolated and expressed demands in favor of all concerned parties.

a-Cert’s Management shall insure that the aforementioned policy shall be perceptible and shall be implemented and maintained at all levels of the Organization’s structure. These quality goals are documented by the Board of Directors and they are revised at the Manager’s Meetings regarding their effectiveness.

The Quality Goals as set by the Organization’s Management are:

  • Maintenance of confidentiality, objectivity and impartiality
    a-Cert adopts appropriate actions and implements necessary procedures which ensure confidentiality, objectivity and impartiality in its operations.
  • Customers of satisfaction
    We constantly seek after providing high credit services and retaining excellent cooperation with all our clients.
  • Provision of high credit services
    The Organization’s main aspiration is no other than the implementation of a Certification System of credit and credibility, which shall offer a strong competition advantage to our clients, guarantees to the consumers for the products they purchase and better conditions to society for a superior quality of life.
  • Development of human resources
    a-Cert commits itself to select, train and adequately keep its personnel updated, by offering wages higher than the average ones and constant training in a pleasant working environment, technologically modern, professionally suitable, healthy and safe.
  • Continuous improvement
    The endless effort for continuous improvement of all working activities and provided services to our clients stands as a prime care and main philosophy for a-Cert and its personnel.
  • Social liability
    All of the Organization’s activities and services shall be designed and applied in such a way to be acceptable and recognizable by all, and by taking into account all possible effects to the protection of the environment and the development of sustainability.

The endless effort for continuous improvement of our services, activities and the Quality Management System constitutes a prime concern for the Organization and the main philosophy of its personnel.