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Stefanos T. Billas
President, A CERT

Environmental Management

General Information

An environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015 includes all organizational structure, practices, procedures, sources and liabilities that a single company has to adopt for the implementation of methods of environmental management. Such a system may contribute to the efforts made by companies to comply with relevant legislation while controlling the environmental effects of their activities, based on the very same principles of environmental policy goals that they have set. These goals must include the environmental effects that the companies themselves may control and affect by taking appropriate actions.
International Organizations and Governments worldwide are adopting new policies and action plans for the protection of the environment, by preventing the recovery of raw materials and energy and the reduction of pollution.
Certification of an environmental management system is the official recognition of its actual implementation and is considered to be a factual proof and commitment of a company against the protection of the environment and sustainable management.

Certification Request

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ISO 9001

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