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Stefanos T. Billas
President, A CERT

Integrated Management System of Rural Environment in compliance with AGRO 2

A CERT certifies integrated management systems for agricultural production in compliance with AGRO 2-1 and AGRO 2-2 standards of the Greek Agricultural Products Certification and Supervision Organization AGROCERT.

AGRO 2-1 contains general requirements for Agriculture that can be inspected objectively.  It constitutes the origin for the certification of an Integrated Management System that is applicable to any agricultural enterprise regardless of the type of production activities. The AGRO 2-2 standard describes the technical and legal requirements for crop production. It contains general rules of good agricultural practice and the accompanying eco-friendly measures of agriculture in crop production.

The benefits of implementing the system is the reduction of the environmental impacts of agricultural activity, the response to society’s  requirement and the market’s demand for environmental protection and production of agricultural products with the minimum necessary use of synthetic chemicals.

Certification of an environmental management system is the official recognition of its actual implementation and is considered to be a factual proof and commitment of a company against the protection of the environment and sustainable management.