Procedures for the Handling of Appeals and Objections

Operators certified by A CERT S.A. as well as third parties having a legitimate interest have the right to appeal against an act of an actor or an appeal against a decision of A CERT S.A. Where objections concern inspection or sampling results, they must be made on the spot and noted on a relevant form. In special cases, an objection may also be lodged once the actions are completed, when the time for submission is justified.

The General Director decides to accept appeals in case of late submission. In the event of appeal / objection by third parties, the General Director controls and decides on the legitimate and justified interest as well as the time of its submission. A CERT S.A. secretary shall inform the complainant in written form. The complainant may request to attend the meeting of the Appeals and Objections Committee. The General Director may invite, if necessary, the Director whose department is involved in the contested act.

The Committee’s functions are regulated by the Rules of the Appeals and Objections Committee.

In the event that the complainant was not present at the meeting, the final decision shall be notified to him.

You can download the procedure for handling appeals and objections against A CERT S.A.

QMS-D7.1_Appeals - Objections

You can send your appeal/ objection to the email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or at Tilou 2, 54638 Thessaloniki, Greece.

Important notes:

(1) An appeal against a decision of A CERT S.A. may be brought within 15 days of notification of the decision. The appeal/ objection shall be considered not later than 15 days after its submission. Until the adoption of the Commission decision, the previous decision applies.

2) The Agency undertakes that the dispatch, investigation and decision on objections and appeals will not result in actions leading to any discrimination against the opposing party.

3. The receipt, validation, investigation and decision of the Committee to resolve a complaint or appeal shall take into account the results of any previous similar cases.